Arola Stables

This is a sim-game stable / a sim-game horse
Tämä on virtuaalitalli / virtuaalihevonen

Arola Stables is a private stable owned by Joni Arola (Elisa VRL-06066) and is located in virtual Central Finland.

The story of Arola Stables began in 2017, when Joni Arola bought an empty forest and farm plot in Central Finland. Since then, construction work has been diligently carried out. Of course, the years of the coronavirus brought their own challenges along the way, but finally in the summer of 2023, all the horses were able to move to their new home; to stunning landscapes and impressive facilities by the lake. The ambiance and overall atmosphere of Arola Stables were never compromised at any stage, and the facilities are indeed well-designed with impressive yet functional solutions.

There are two white stable buildings. In addition, the yard area includes spacious outdoor paddocks and lakeside pastures for summer grazing. Riding opportunities are available in all weather conditions. Two well-constructed riding arenas and a spacious, well-lit indoor arena provide a good environment for training. A shared cross-country course for nearby stables is also located within a short walking distance. In “About Us” -page, you can take a closer look to our team and view more pictures of the stable and the yard area.